September 15, Trump Was Crazy

September 15, Trump Was Crazy


That Trump was crazy in his final year

Is now becoming increasingly clear.

Books being published give us quite a shock,

For, we almost had an autocrat here.


What’s being published gives us quite a shock,

Well-researched, careful, not just tell-all schlock,

Showing quite clearly that Donald was nuts,

So clear to all except Donald’s base flock.


It was quite clear that the Donald was nuts

But to stand up to him clearly took guts.

Thank God, Mark Milley was that kind of guy,

While everyone else just covered their butts.


General Milley was a stand-up guy.

Trump was someone he would not deify.

Trump wanted his troops to squash BLM

But General Milley would not comply.


Could Trump use troops to suppress BLM?

(For our democracy, its requiem.)

Mark Milley knew this and told Donald, “No!”

While Barr enabled this Trump stratagem.


Milley a rare one to tell Donald, “No,”

Eventually, Mike Pence said, “No,” also.

So, Joe was elected but Trump’s not done.

So we still suffer the Trumpist freak show.


Joe was elected but Donald’s not done.

He’s still holding rallies; he still might run.

Though he is crazy and though that’s quite clear,

For his base, Trump is still their favorite son.