September 14, Big Money

September 14, Big Money


Big money runs our politics, now college football, too.

That’s no surprise in politics, where it’s been always true.

But college football’s newer; scholarships had been their “pay.”

Their value: education.  Now they’re simply paid to play.


An academic scholarship implies you go to class.

To stay a student athlete, there are courses you must pass.

But football players “study” for jobs in the NFL.

A “college education?”  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.


Why study history, English, econ, or biology?

(Perhaps a football player should learn physiology.)

But, lots of football players, although they matriculate,

When drafted by the NFL, just leave, don’t graduate.


So, college football’s now a job, at least at certain schools.

If boys don’t make the NFL, they have no other tools

To get and hold another job, because they lack degrees.

Perhaps no manual labor either, due to injuries.


The coaches know big money will help them as they recruit.

For academic prowess, coaches do not give a hoot.

They want a kid who’s big and strong and fast; that’s how they grade.

They’ll tell the kid, “Come, play for me; here’s how much you’ll be paid.”


Play football and make money while you’re earning your BA.

Or, never mind your classes, better hit the gym today.

The NFL wants strength and speed, the tough and brave of heart.

They’ll beat your brains out anyway, why bother to get smart?