September 16, Here Come the Ladies

September 16, Here Come the Ladies


Here come the ladies, gentlemen.

Do you remember, way back when

Men were in charge of everything,

And “men” meant mostly old white men?


White men controlling everything,

The books we’d read, the songs we’d sing,

They held the power and the gold,

All “others” knelt to kiss their ring.


Controlling power and the gold,

But now, with women getting bold,

Do old men see a setting Sun,

And sense the evening getting cold?


The evening brings the setting sun

And, with that, privilege almost done.

Now, as we see the ladies rise,

The Age of Women has begun.


Matriculating in the schools,

Where they are learning rulers’ tools.

Soon doctors, lawyers, businessmen

Will not have just old white male rules.


When doctors, lawyers, businessmen

Have only half or fewer men,

Then institutions have to change.

And, it won’t be too long ‘til then.