September 12, Peaceful Transfer of Power

September 12, Peaceful Transfer of Power


A peaceful transition of the Head of State:

Great Britain is showing us how it is done.

But Trump and his MAGAts cannot play it straight.

And some even threaten the hour of the gun.


The obvious difference: monarch, president,

However, both processes clearly defined.

In England, inheritance makes the ascent;

While here, an election is how it’s designed.


The throne changes with pomp and with circumstance

And, even the Scots, have asked Charlie to speak.

The Brits behave graciously; here Donald rants.

But what Donald claims can’t stand legal critique.


A tragedy, classic: Trump sunk by his flaws:

Himself above all is no way to behave.

And, it did not help to break so many laws.

The facts trump his lies though Trump may rant and rave.


Charles the Third bears his grief with style and with grace.

Donald Trump denies loss and will ‘til he dies.

As new Head of State, Charles will take the Queen’s place.

While Trump’s narcissism produces more lies.


When Donald Trump dies and is sent down to hell,

Confronted by Satan and eternal flame,

Will he send appeals up to Heaven as well?

There’ll be lots of lawyers for filing his claim.