September 10, The Queen Is Dead

September 10, The Queen Is Dead


The Queen is dead.  Long live the King!  Now may she rest in peace.

Her faithful service earned her rest; the cares of office cease.

A changing world through her long life, she led with skill and grace.

Traditions of a thousand years say Charles shall take her place.


Is monarchy a dying form, a Figurehead of State,

Where people have the power now, the monarch, lesser weight?

A symbol of a nation, whose vast empire is no more,

Today, the English language shows us its extent before.


New nations rise up everywhere, which people fight to form,

And would be autocrats resist, to keep that form the norm.

Autocracy, democracy, the fight goes on and on.

Today’s map shows a country; on tomorrow’s map, it’s gone.


The world is ever changing, for change is Nature’s way.

And, in the midst of changes, Charles the Third sets out today.

The institution of the monarchy might change as well.

But do we think that England would bid royalty farewell?


Still, might some nations break away, the Empire further shrink?

The Caribbean, Scotland, now what do their people think?

Not war this time but plebiscites, democracy at work,

No battles, but a peaceful vote recorded by a clerk.


What will Charles leave to William, the next of the royal line?

When William hears, “The King is dead,” how will his stars align?

What world will he inherit?  Will the times be peace or war?

And will the Family of Man be fractious evermore?


The Queen is dead; long live the King, and to a ripe old age!

Long life is in the family; and in his time on stage,

What will Charles see around the Earth, in space, the moon and Mars,

Will we find signs of life like ours, from “Earths” near other stars?