September 7, Going Nuclear

September 7, Going Nuclear


Wow!  Another nation’s nuclear capability

Described on papers Trump purloined, has raised the gravity

Of what he took and lied about, then spread around his club:

Top secret papers, unsecured, not just a harmless flub.


The breakdown of security should boggle every mind.

It’s so outrageous, we now wonder, what else will we find?

How did such closely guarded papers get to Donald’s place?

Was there a crime committed?  That seems plain upon its face.


We know that Trump was slovenly about security.

But taking all these documents required complicity.

What person(s) in the White House helped the Donald take this stuff?

They should be sweating bullets; things will soon start getting rough.


We have to ask why Donald Trump would take these documents.

The fact he lied about them is suspicious evidence.

Have foreign agents seen them yet?  Security was lax.

Back in the bad old days, Trump would have faced the headsman’s axe.


Could all those secret papers be on sale for the right price?

Or were they for a “peep show,” camera ready, terms precise?

Trump always looks for ways he can increase his bottom line.

For Donald Trump’s mentality, these are a diamond mine.


Which was the nation compromised and are there any more?

Do we think Trump let secrets sit as just unprocessed ore?

But, this is speculation; we should not demean the man.

Though Trump sure makes it hard for those who want to stay a fan.