October 30, Don’t Mess with Texas, etc.

 October 30, Don’t Mess with Texas, etc.


They say, “Don’t mess with Texas,” (for you might get some disease.)

The fossil fuel fumes are floating on the Midland breeze.

They don’t wear masks in Texas and they walk around with guns.

That’s retroactive birth control for their unwanted sons.


And please stay out of Florida, there’s too much virus there.

DeSantis is on Covid’s side, so be forewarned, beware.

He pushed out vaccination early for his donor class.

And, now that they’re protected, all the rest can kiss his ass.


And, don’t go to the Red States, where both guns and Covid reign

And traces of democracy are circling the drain.

If you vote Democratic, they won’t certify your vote,

For you are illegitimate in new laws they just wrote.


Now Trump has taken over what was once the GOP.

For some, a spice, for others, poison in our recipe.

Their cult of personality wants Trump as autocrat.

Though liar, loser, fraud, and crook, he’s not a Democrat.