October 29, Honest Politicians?

October 29, Honest Politicians?


An honest politician is someone who stays bought;

At least he’ll claim he’s honest, right up until he’s caught

Taking bribes, molesting girls, or boys—a sordid thought.

An honest politician is all too often not.


Joe Manchin likes his coal mines, a dying industry.

Joe likes every form of fossil fuel energy.

They give him lots of money; Joe sings their melody.  (1)

So, is Joe Manchin honest?  Or staying bought?  We’ll see.


Our burning fossil fuels pollute both land and air.

But, they’ve helped build our country; admit that to be fair.

Now global warming threatens; is Joe Manchin aware?

Or is Joe staying bought?  Or perhaps he doesn’t care.


Then there’s Kyrsten Sinema and our drug industry.

Drug prices are exorbitant, she stays contrary

To better deals for Medicare, and less thievery.

Has Sinema been bought off? Agree or disagree?  (2)


The Sinema enigma: she’s flippant with the press.

So, we do not know what she thinks; we are left to guess.

Joe asks her to the White House, where both report progress.

Does she tell Joe who pays her?  Can he make her confess?


Does “honest politician,” mean those who will stay bought?

They’re loyal to contributors, even when they’re caught

Taking bribes, (“donations”) which may then provoke the thought:

Are Joe and Kyrsten honest, or should we think they’re not?


  • News report: Joe Manchin has received over $400,000 from the fossil fuel industry.
  • News report: Kyrsten Sinema has received over $500,000 from the pharmaceutical industry.