October 26, Congresspersons Planned the Insurrection

October 26, Congresspersons Planned the Insurrection


Did Congresspersons help concoct Trump’s insurrection plot?

Now Rolling Stone reports they did and named the sorry lot.

They’re Gosar, Gohmert, Boebert, Biggs, Brooks, Cawthorn, Margie Greene,

Waist deep in Trump’s sedition seen on every TV screen.


Mo Brooks, in body armor, told the crowd to go “kick ass!”

On 1-6 Trump’s crowd did just that; does Mo deserve a pass?

Six hundred plus “deplorables” will now be put on trial.

Why shouldn’t all seditionists be facing durance vile?


Of course, they’re all Republicans and Trumpist to the core.

Since Trump lost the election, some have threatened civil war.

They’re confident McCarthy will keep covering for them.

But Kevin’s changed his mind before.   Are they safe trusting him?


Though Trump charged fraud, five dozen cases were thrown out of court,

For Trump could find no evidence to marshal in support.

His narcissism tells him that, of course, he must have won

And he’d give Jesus Christ a run as God’s beloved son.


A Willard Hotel war room oversaw the whole attack,

With inside information?  Were Trump’s rioters on track?

Would Pence refuse to count votes Biden won in seven states,

Coordinating with the Philistines who crashed the gates?


Keep Biden from two hundred seventy; the House must vote.

One vote from every state: Trump wins—his fair vote antidote.

Trump lost by seven million votes; there was not any fraud.

But he would stay in power: Donald, “King by Grace of God.”