October 24, Undemocratic Senate

October 24, Undemocratic Senate


The Senate is non-democratic enough;

And the filibuster just makes it worse.

It lets Mitch McConnell, who likes to play rough,

Just kill any bill and call for the hearse.


Two senators from every state, large or small,

Means that majorities don’t always rule.

Just forty one senators can block or stall

Majority will; they are Mitch’s mule.


Since the senators from just a fourth of us  (1)

Can filibuster and block any bill,

Majority senators must sit and cuss

As Mitch McConnell is working his will.


“The Grim Reaper,” Mitch’s self-appointed role,

Will kill any bill Nancy’s House has passed,

Democracy’s dying; we hear the bells toll,

As Mitch buries it as part of our past.


Now the Congress simply must pass voting rights,

As too many Red States take them away.

But Red State senators mistrust plebiscites,

So, they all obey when Mitch tells them, “Stay!”


Conclusion: the filibuster now has to go.

The Senate is non-democratic enough.

To keep our democracy’s embers aglow,

For all Democrats: it’s time to be tough.


  • Just 41 senators from Red States, representing only 24% of our population, can stop any bill from even being discussed in the Senate, under current rules governing the filibuster. Mitch McConnell has used this tactic more than any other majority or minority leader in history.