October 20, Steve Bannon

October 20, Steve Bannon


Since Steve Bannon won’t cooperate,

The Commission chose to castigate

And hold Steve Bannon in contempt;

He must testify; he’s not exempt.  (1)


Since Trump is no longer president,

He cannot protect each miscreant

Who thinks subpoenas may be defied.

And now, Bannon may be charged and tried.


When the Trumpists chose to insurrect,

True patriots asked: could they connect

Donald to the group that planned the plot?

That is sedition; will Trump be caught?


Next up, the whole House must take a vote;

Must Steve Bannon now become Deep Throat?

Will Republicans think it’s OK

To send Steve’s case to the DOJ?


If Bannon’s indicted, will he choose

To risk jail or will he make some news,

And tell the Commission what he knows

And strip his Emperor of his clothes?


And, if Donald helped plan this attack,

And Trump’s fellow crooks begin to crack,

Will some Republican congressmen

Be exposed in their colluding sin?


So now, “breaking rocks in the hot sun”

If he “fought the law and the law won,” (2)

Is an image Steve must contemplate:

Protect Donald or capitulate?


  • Steve Bannon says he will ignore the January 6th Commission’s subpoena because Donald Trump says their conversations are protected by executive privilege. Most legal analysts say this claim is specious.
  • “I Fought the Law and the Law Won,” was written by Sonny Curtis in 1958, and recorded by the Crickets, minus Buddy Holly, who had died in a plane crash, (The Day the Music Died.) The most well-known recording was a cover by The Bobby Fuller Four in 1966.