October 17, The Trumpist Pan Troglodytes

October 17, The Trumpist Pan Troglodytes


Were you a kid who would not eat his soup?

And now oppose vaccines and voting rights?

In high school, one of the delinquent group?

Who got bad grades, the anti-erudites?

Your ilk’s a large percentage of the troop

Of Donald Trump and his Pan troglodytes.


Did you sink into white supremacy

As you resented being left behind

By others, not of your ethnicity,

Much better at the academic grind?

And you think that a Trump autocracy

Is something to which you are more inclined?


Have you found that you’ve been left in the dust?

Do Jews and Asians make you feel “replaced?”

And are you viewing daily with disgust

How once white culture’s gradually debased?

Is Donald Trump now where you’ve placed your trust,

To be assured white Christians aren’t erased?

Or are you of the rich and selfish lot,

Who does not want to pay their income tax?

Who thinks that you deserve all that you’ve got,

And don’t care if the poor wear gunnysacks,

Is Trump like politicians you have bought,

Who’ll cut your taxes with a battle-ax?


So, ne’er-do-wells, (that we neglect, no doubt,)

And selfish rich who want to hoard their cash,

Just gave democracy a bloody snout,

Aligning with a liar, bold and brash,

Who showed us there’s no law he will not flout

Or principle of ethics he won’t smash.