October 15, Steve Bannon

October 15, Steve Bannon


Now, the House has subpoenaed Steve Bannon;

He’s a classical type of loose cannon,

To come testify

On the “former guy”

And their anti-democracy canon.


He is claiming executive privilege

And will boycott the House’s assemblage.

Trump’s not president,

So all precedent

Says that Steve’s claim has no legal leverage.


He’s inviting a court altercation,

And recommending self-fornication,

Steve Bannon said, “No,”

That Congress could go

Down to roast in eternal damnation.


Will the Democrats rise in high dudgeon

And whack Bannon with their contempt bludgeon?

If so, will he talk?

Or, will he still balk

And then wind up in court for the judgin’?


Now Steve Bannon’s chain needs a good yanking.

If Stevie does not get a good spanking

For thumbing his nose

At Congress, it shows

The fecklessness on which he is banking.


We have to punish Trump’s insurrection.

For, if we don’t change Donald’s direction,

We’ll sink in his sewer.

Beginning the cure,

Let’s detumify Donald’s erection.