October 21, Voting Rights

October 21, Voting Rights


No Red State senator wants to discuss the right to vote.

The Ship of State has run aground; it may not stay afloat.

Democracy has floundered on the ragged Red State shoals;

Their senators don’t seem to care if it’s ripped full of holes.


There is a bill on voting rights the Senate can’t debate;

It would correct abuses passed by every Trumpist state,

Where rights to vote are threatened and votes may be overturned

By legislatures who’d have them impounded, maybe burned.


Republicans have used the filibuster just to block

Whatever Biden wants to do, which should not be a shock.

McConnell’s specialty: obstruction, clear from history,

Especially when Mitch is leading the minority.


Republicans are well aware of power’s ebb and flow.

They won’t say, “Black lives matter,” but Black votes do, they all know.

With demographics changing, Black votes need to be suppressed

Just like they were in Jim Crow times, when Black folks were oppressed.


And worse, Republicans know Biden’s plans are polling well.

And, not just with the lefties, but where right wing voters dwell.

Once Biden’s plans are passed and working, Mitch McConnell’s brain

Fears that his party’s chances will be circling the drain.


The loss of power, Trump’s Big Lie, no gonads, and no spine:

The Red State governors and Congressmen fall into line.

And, adding in the anti-vaxxers taking Covid’s side,

We’re witnessing democracy committing suicide.