October 16, Death vs. Life

October 16, Death vs. Life


The Parkland killer’s sentence: life without parole,

The victims’ parents thought that he deserved to die,

As did most Floridians, if you took a poll.

Ghost voices from kids’ graves: “Avenge us,” hear them cry.


Just what do we achieve by the death penalty?

It’s mostly just revenge; dead victims don’t revive.

No souls have been restored to life and liberty.

Our feelings of loss and grief will all still survive.


Just one deranged young man, a gun made for assault,

In only a few minutes, seventeen lives lost.

Now who should bear the blame and with whom lies the fault?

We have to blame ourselves; our children bear the cost.


Nobody needs to have an AR 15 gun,

Made to slaughter people, a weapon used in war.

In minutes, sometimes seconds, murderers are done.

The cops can’t come in time to stop the blood and gore.


And when the cops do come, those “good guys with a gun,”

(The Uvalde victims lost: twenty six to one.)

Executions do not make us come out ahead;

If Parkland’s killer dies, there is just one more dead.


The penalty of death or good guy with a gun:

Neither is effective when all is said and done.

Though funerals and prayers may help to console

To not need them at all, why not try gun control?


The Second Amendment was never Holy Writ,

It isn’t Holy Scripture; dead white males wrote it.

The Bible’s Sixth Commandment should take precedence; (1)

Amendment or Commandment, which one makes more sense?


  • The Sixth of the Ten Commandments in Exodus, 20, repeated in Deuteronomy 5, says, “You shall not murder.” Revering the Second Amendment to the US Constitution as holy, as many Conservatives do, results in tens of thousands of murders each year in the United States.