October 20, Kanye West Gets Sued

October 20, Kanye West Gets Sued


First, Kanye West said that George Floyd had died from Fentanyl, (1)

Not murder, as shown on TV to every Jack and Jill.

A cop has been convicted of the murder of George Floyd.

So, why would Kanye West say that?  Should we ask Sigmund Freud?


We know that Alex Jones was lying; murder was quite clear. (2)

Then Alex Jones was sued and now his lies will cost him dear.

It looks like Alex Jones lied to coax cash out of his base.

But what’s the gain for Kanye?  Is his character as base?


Two separate trials of Alex Jones have made his motives plain.

The judgments that were granted mean excruciating pain.

And now, the family of Floyd is suing Kanye West.

Is West malignant, stupid, crazy?  All must be assessed.


The First Amendment guarantees our right to have free speech.

If you tell lies (not under oath,) that’s not an overreach.

If you intend to slander someone and you mean them harm,

That kind of lie is different; and you feel the law’s long arm.


You may say something stupid just because you’re ignorant.

You may say something crazy, if it’s not belligerent.

Could those apply to Kanye West?  If so, he’s off the hook.

But now he’s sued, which means a jury gets to take a look.


Did Kanye just shoot off his mouth?  What goal was in his mind?

The lies that Alex Jones cooked up have put him in a bind.

Might Kanye plead insanity, stupidity, or what?

Will he humiliate himself to cover his own butt?


  • Kanye West said this on the podcast, Drink Champs, on October 21, 2021.
  • Alex Jones charged that the Sandy Hook mass murder of grade school kids on December 14, 2012, was a hoax. Many parents of the murdered children had to move to new homes because of continued threats made by Alex Jones “believers.”