November 7, Trump Fundraisers

November 7, Trump Fundraisers


I get emails from Donald every day

And, basically, here’s what they have to say.

“Please send me money,” (for my bank account)

(And join the sucker list on which I count.)


And, once you’ve joined the Donald’s donor core,

Then every day, he’ll ask for more and more.

For you are now Trump’s major income stream,

The faithful of which TV preachers dream.


And, as Trump’s pockets fill up with your cash,

What do you think he’s doing with his stash?

Declaring it all for his income tax?

Or planning ways to cover up his tracks?


Just think—a job where all you do is schnorr.  (1)

Deliver nothing; ask, your only chore.

Evangelists claim they will save your soul.

For Trump, your money is his only goal.


  • “Schnorr,” Yiddish for “to beg.” See Leo Rosten’s “The Joys of Yiddish.”  “Schnorr” is much, much richer in meaning than just, “to beg.”