November 6, Aaron Rodgers, a Lament  (parody to, “Good King Wenceslas”)

November 6, Aaron Rodgers, a Lament  (May be sung to, “Good King Wenceslas”)


Aaron Rodgers went to Cal,

Without graduating.

That explains his rationale

For not vaccinating.  (1)

Now he’s caught the Covid bug,

Which is not surprising.

Aaron Rodgers, staying smug,

Still trusts self-advising.


In the Covid protocol,

Rodgers is not playing.

“He seems not to care at all,”

Angry fans are saying.

Tickets, hotels, travel plans:

All that gets expensive.

Aaron let down all his fans

Anger is extensive.


Aaron’s head is up his ass,

Like fecal impaction.

And, he will not get a pass

For his selfish action.

Commentators all deride;

And some fans attack him.

Might his linemen step aside

And let blitzers sack him?


Packers fans’ shorts turning brown,

This may wreck their season.

Aaron let his teammates down

For a stupid reason.

Aaron Rodgers sitting out,

Arrogant and selfish,

Proves to be, without a doubt,

Smart as Green Bay shellfish.


  • I went to Cal’s rival institution across the San Francisco Bay, both for undergrad and medical school. The opinions expressed herein do not reflect the official position of Stanford University.  And, sure as hell, Rodgers’ opinions do not reflect the position of the University of California at Berkeley.  Cal can escape some of the blame because Rodgers did not graduate.