November 4, Retroactive Birth Control

November 4, Retroactive Birth Control


Some states protect babies, right up to their birth,

But, after they’re born, they lose some of their worth.

If they’re the wrong color, then it’s hard to vote

And, should they get shot, it’s not worthy of note.


The data are clear; more guns: more people die.  (1)

Increased risk for all, which includes you and I.

In Texas that’s birth control, just rather late;

It’s predestination determining fate.


And, Texans oppose women having control

Of their reproduction and they’re on a roll.

Abortions forbidden in rape and incest,

If pregnancy happens, the state says it’s blessed.


It’s OK to shoot but it’s wrong to abort.

You thought you had rights?  Well, we’ll see you in court

To face vigilantes, all filing lawsuits

Enforcing or challenging laws and statutes.


The South lost a war way back in days of yore.

Is this their new way to wage a civil war:

States overturning constitutional rights

By having their people engage in court fights?


Can Texas avoid our Supreme Court’s review?

It’s clear that’s exactly what they’ve tried to do.

Right wingers control the Court now, six to three.

Now, will these conservatives set Texas “free?”


  • See the review by David Hemmenway, Am. J. Lifestyle Med., 2011; 5, (6): 502-511. This article reviews 101 publications on the subject.