November 9, Masculinity and Josh Hawley

November 9, Masculinity and Josh Hawley


Josh Hawley, (R) Missouri, is upset by shrinking “dongs”

And shrinking masculinity.  So, here’s where Josh belongs.

Last weekend in Los Angeles, the first “Small dong” parade (1)

Was held by men the senator asserts are feeling spayed.


Josh Hawley detumesces facing feminity.

All those progressive women threaten masculinity.

But, “Why so pale and wan,” Josh Hawley, “Prithee, why so pale?” (2)

Are females taking over the old province of the male?


A temptress named Delilah schemed and Sampson’s locks were shaved; (3)

Without his lengthy locks, a weakened Sampson was enslaved.

Are crafty Nancy and new temptresses like AOC,

Now threatening the rightful role of male supremacy?


When courage, independence, and assertiveness are lost

By men and gained by women, Hawley sees an awful cost.

What’s driving men to idleness, pornography, and games?

It’s leftists and progressive women; they’re whom Hawley blames.


Rise up, all you with cells possessing one Y chromosome!

Stop watching porn; don’t cower in the man cave in your home!

You’re losing your God-given dominance, your rightful place.

Don’t let progressive women boldly spit right in your face.


Josh Hawley’s starting his campaign to run for President.

But should an army of castrati make him confident? (4)

Will resurrected maleness lead Josh on to victory?

Or will his bid be tossed on the trash heap of history?


  • News item: The “Small Dong March,” Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 28, 2021.
  • “Why so pale and wan,” Sir John Suckling, 1609~1642. Sir John is also credited with inventing cribbage.
  • Sampson and Delilah, See the Biblical Book of Judges, Chapters 13-16. Sampson attributed his heroic strength to his long hair.  When Delilah cut it during his sleep, he lost his strength and was captured by the Philistines.
  • “Castrati,’ Italian word for males castrated to preserve the young boy’s singing range in the typical female registers of soprano through alto. This practice is now out of fashion.