November 26, Thanksgiving, Redux

November 26, Thanksgiving, Redux


All family members eat until distended

And some, no doubt, will surely be offended

By insults, (some of which were unintended)

From different points of view, stoutly defended.


It happens when extended families gather

And hope to tolerate each other’s blather.

Inevitably some get in a lather,

Although most of the family wouldn’t rather.


Then comes the interlude reserved for eating.

But dammit, dear Aunt Maggie goes on bleating.

Did someone hear the minister was cheating?

Who was that guy convicted of wife beating?


Then gradually, the tryptophan in turkey

And alcohol in wine, that makes thoughts murky,

Start everybody feeling much less perky,

Including cousins here from Albuquerque.


So then, before dessert, time for digesting,

Esophageal reflux begins cresting.

Though one hopes for the quietude of resting

But politics begin remanifesting.


Drunk uncle Bob lies on the couch, obtunded.

He snores and farts, so not yet “moribunded.”

The lefties argue cops should be defunded.

Right wingers want their income tax refunded.


This dinner will kick off the festive season:

Believers say Christ’s birthday is the reason.

The sunlight fades, then soon comes time for freezin’

And catching viruses and febrile sneezin’.


In orbit ‘round the sun through gravitation,

With Earth’s rotating axis inclination,

First north, then south get more illumination

And seasons change in regular rotation.


It’s not the Maccabees and isn’t Jesus.

The answer’s not in Scripture exegesis.