November 25, Republicans’ Descent into Hell

November 25, Republicans’ Descent into Hell (1)


Republicans descending into Hell:

The subject of the “fall” I now relate.

Pay heed Americans, and listen well.

Descent began; some chose to venerate

The narcissistic swindler, Donald Trump,

Who wooed them with a liturgy of hate.


The Trumpist brain is just a three pound lump,

That functions at a “Q” level I.Q.,

And feeds upon the products of Trump’s rump.

The Trumpist base has followed every cue;

That’s just the base Trump wants: easy to fool,

An ovine flock of ram and lamb and ewe.


Trump’s speeches gave our racial bigots fuel;

They liked his gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed.

Expressing racist wrath became the rule.

To hate the “other” has become their creed;

Their disrespect for science makes them proud.

And made the base on which Covid would feed.

Add envy that Trump can spew hate out loud,

And that completes the seven deadly sins.

Damnation now awaits the Trumpist crowd.

We’ve seen how the descent to Hell begins.

Republicans sink deeper every day,

While Satan stokes his furnaces and grins.


  • This poem is in “terza rima” format, which was developed and used by Dante Aligheri, (1265-1321) a Florentine poet, in his “La Divina Commedia,” the first part of which is the “Inferno,” or “hell.” The rhyme scheme is aba, bcb, cdc, ded, etc.  Stanzas may be of any length.  In English, the lines are usually in iambic pentameter but other rhythms may be used.  This form seems appropriate to use to describe the current Republican slide into Hell.  Pedants may argue that the Republican descent began with Nixon’s “southern strategy,” of the ‘60’s, luring southern “Dixiecrat” racial bigots into the welcoming arms of the Republican Party.  It was successful.