Ask, “How did we get here? By what guiding force?”

The gods of the ancients?  Some still say, “Of course,”

There were gods for the rain and gods for the wind,

And gods who would spank you each time that you sinned.


“Your gods are all false gods; all my gods are right.”

That gave everybody a reason to fight.

Then science arose; and examined the Earth,

As well as the gods, to ask what they were worth.


Chorus:  What do you need if there is no design,

To guide evolution clear out to man?

Why, nothing at all, just nothing works fine.

You don’t need design; you don’t need a plan.


Verse: Each one of our fables has shown it can’t stand

Up to tough questions, when it’s put on the stand.

For none of the myths written down in The Book

Explain what we see when we take a hard look.


Now science shows clearly that all life evolved.

Through random mutations; no gods were involved.

Charles Darwin was right; Alfred Wallace was too.

So, who needs a design when nothing will do?


Chorus:  What do you need….


Stephen Baird, January, 2015, Revised October, 2020, July 2022