August 1, Trump’s Illness

August 1, Trump’s Illness


The nation is in crisis because Donald Trump is ill.

His illness, narcissism, is for us a poison pill.

There is not much that can be done, since Trump’s untreatable

For, we have no psychiatrists who have sufficient skill.


We know that Donald Trump has shown that he’s untreatable

But he still has a loyal base that’s quite misleadable.

So, Trumpist politicians keep repeating Trump’s Big Lie

And will until the voters prove such Trumpists beatable.


As Donald and his sycophants keep pushing his Big Lie,

Historians and pundits say democracy may die.

If Red State legislatures act to overturn the vote,

And call the losers, “winners,” kiss democracy good bye.


Some Red States have passed laws so they may overturn a vote.

There’s no denying it’s autocracy that they promote.

They know if an election’s fair, they’re risking they may lose.

Equality and fairness simply will not float their boat.


In fair elections, nationwide, the Trumpists fear they’ll lose.

It makes no difference if their candidate is Trump or Cruz.

Should we destroy the nation to treat Donald Trump’s disease?

Is it not better to bid all the Trumpists our adieus?


If we destroy the nation, we won’t cure the Trump disease.

We can’t cure narcissism; we’d be stuck with Donald’s sleaze.

The nation is in crisis because Donald Trump is ill,

Demanding absolute obeisance no one should appease.