July 30, Missing Texts

July 30, Missing Texts


It seems some texts are missing from Trump’s Insurrection Day.

His Secret Service “phone reset,” just made them go away.

The January Sixth Committee asked that they be kept.

The Secret Service has said, “Oops, I guess we were inept.”


However, others get a whiff of illegality,

For not preserving records suggests criminality.

It is, indeed, strange timing, if it’s just incompetence.

It may take conscious planning to produce coincidence.


And now, two folks from DHS say they “lost” their texts too. (1)

Chad Wolfe, Ken Cuccinelli say, “Who me?  What did we do?” (2)

Ironically, the Secret Service has been quite well known

For pulling lost computer files from trash where they were thrown.


The Secret Service knew about this loss for quite some time.

And their Inspector General’s inaction suggests slime. (3)

Concealing and destroying evidence: a huge no no.

Were these folks all protecting Trump? Suspicious minds think so.


Computer geeks are mobilized. Subpoenas fall like rain.

Some say Trump’s dam is breaking as supporters feel the pain.

And, what is Donald doing?  How does Donald beat the heat?

He’s playing golf with Saudis and continues his deceit.


Democracy in crisis, due to one sick narcissist,

Base voters, sycophants, whose arms Trump knew that he could twist.

Our nation is divided and Trump chose to make it worse.

And now it’s clear to many, King Trump’s reign has been a curse.


  • DHS: the Department of Homeland Security
  • Chad Wolfe, Trump’s Acting Secretary of DHS and Ken Cuccinelli, Trump’s Acting Deputy Secretary of DHS.
  • Joseph Cuffari, Trump’s Inspector General of DHS.