July 29, Obstruction

July 29, Obstruction


McConnell’s style is to obstruct what Democrats are for.

But now Mitch is obstructing something he was for, before

Chuck Shumer and Joe Manchin just announced they’ve made a deal

And snookered Mitch McConnell, who let out a porcine squeal.


McConnell thought the bill on climate change was out of gas.

He let a bill to make computer chips go on and pass.

Then Chuck announced a miracle: the climate bill revives!

McConnell, badly outplayed, suddenly broke out in hives.


Then salivation, lacrimation, urination, and

Some defecation, as his cholinergic fires were fanned.  (1)

Poor Mitch was really suffering, requiring atropine.

Of course, for hives, he also needed antihistamine.


Those drugs just treated symptoms; poor Mitch needed to obstruct,

A naked rooster crowing, his tail feathers had been plucked.

A bill for veteran’s benefits was next on the floor.

(That was the bill that Mitch McConnell voted for before.)


But Mitch was driven to obstruct and in a fit of pique,

He picked on wounded veterans, those cancer stricken, weak.

And forty more Republicans joined Mitch to block the bill

So, sick and wounded veterans just got a poison pill.


The usual suspects lined up: Cotton, Hawley, and Ted Cruz.

Pat Toomey, Joni Ernst, Rand Paul were listed on the news.

A kindergarten tantrum just because Mitch was outplayed,

There’s no excuse for what they did.  What price must now be paid?


  • The SLUD response: salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, is a medical syndrome, indicative of a huge parasympathetic nervous system stimulation, producing lots of acetylcholine. Stimulation of the  sympathetic nervous system would produce adrenalin.  Mitch McConnell is not known for being sympathetic.