May 9, A Sonnet for Margie and Matt

May 9, A Sonnet for Margie and Matt


Marjorie Greene, stepping out with Matt Gaetz,

Matt, out on the town with Marjorie Greene.

From what we’ve heard, not the type that Matt dates:

QAnon gal and corrupt libertine.


Poor Marjorie’s nuts and she has been shunned.

And we know Matt’s sex life’s dripping with sleaze.

But Margie’s the type who won’t be outgunned,

Although no one thought she’d be Matt’s main squeeze.


It’s not about love, we now realize.

It’s all about money, not about sex.

For Donald and cash, they evangelize,

All other motives, extinct as T. Rex.


QAnon crazy, and rich, spoiled brat:

Unlikely couple, she’s too old for Matt.