May 7, Pure Obstruction

May 7, Pure Obstruction


McConnell has announced he’s back in pure obstruction mode.

We know that’s where he’s comfortable, his natural abode.

He says he wants to stop all bills that Biden wants to pass.

On our way to recovery, a boulder in the road.


So Mitch opposes everything that Biden wants to pass.

And, even if he’s for it, still McConnell will harass.

He was opposed to the relief bill for Covid 19,

In dictionaries, they use Mitch’s picture for “impasse.”


Mitch was opposed to the relief bill for Covid 19.

He did not even vote to help distribute the vaccine.

Rebuilding infrastructure?  Biden’s for, Mitch is against.

That’s also true for voting rights.  Just, “No!” is his routine.


So, basically one can conclude that Mitch is just “against.”

As soon as Biden won the vote, McConnell had commenced

Obstruction of most everything.  So, what’s McConnell for?

Well, nothing, really, that is what we’ve all experienced.


Well, how about the right wing courts?  Is that what Mitch is for?

When Donald got elected, then McConnell went to war

To fill up all the courts with right wing judges who’d obstruct

All civil rights and voting rights and save White Christian lore.


Mitch filled the courts with right-wing judges, so they could obstruct

Progressive legislation, anything they might construct.

So, even then, McConnell was in pure obstruction mode.

McConnell in the Senate means the USA is fucked.