May 6, Trump’s Attorneys

May 6, Trump’s Attorneys


A longer way of spelling, “lie,” is “disingenuous.”

We know the sins of William Barr were ignominious.

And now, Judge Amy Jackson says that Willie’s minions lied,

Or “misrepresented;” she means “lied,” she clarified.


First, Willie said that Robert Mueller found no evidence

That Donald Trump obstructed justice, with great confidence.

But Bill drew this conclusion without reading Bob’s report.

And then Barr’s lawyers “obfuscated” in Judge Jackson’s court.


So, Bill Barr was not honest; that is what Judge Jackson said.

That’s standard for Trump sycophants, from what we’ve heard and read.

For everyone who works for Donald has to lie and cheat,

And now they’re lying to themselves about their last defeat.


With Giuliani on the griddle, we ask, “Will he flip?”

Now Garland runs the DOJ, and he can crack the whip.

With Bill Barr’s ass uncovered, might it also soon be scarred?

Disgrace and prison?  At the least, should Bill Barr be disbarred?