May 5, You Have to be a Liar

May 5, You Have to be a Liar


You have to be a liar if you want to be in charge.

You cannot tell the truth as long as Donald stays at large.

Since anal osculation of the Donald is required,

And Cheney will not do that, it sure looks like she’ll be fired.


McCarthy is insisting that they all tell Trump’s Big Lie.

But if the liars win, then our democracy may die.

Joe Biden won a seven million vote majority,

So, Trumpists need to cheat to win with their minority.


Requiring all Republicans to swallow Trump’s Big Lie,

That Joe stole the election and expect them to comply,

Has plunged the party deep into an internecine war.

And, when the battle’s over, nothing will be as before.


The problem is that Trump’s Big Lie is like a rotten tooth.

It has to be extracted; they cannot escape the truth.

To found a party on a lie and then expect to win,

Should make one ask, “What kind of world are these folks living in?”