May 11, Republicans and Voting Rights

May 11, Republicans and Voting Rights


Republicans in government oppose some voting rights,

In what is shaping up to be the mother of all fights.

For, Red State legislatures know, to hang on to their power,

They must restrict the right to vote or face their final hour.


The Democrats in Congress say, “Restrict the right to vote

“And we may lose democracy; that may be all she wrote.”

Republicans know this is true; they fear democracy

Will boot them out of power, so they’ll try autocracy.


And for their autocrat, Republicans choose Donald Trump.

He lost the House and Senate for them, so they’re in a slump.

And nationwide, the Democrats have a majority,

Republicans, instead shrunk down to a minority.


We think of cults of personality and think of Joe,

Not Biden but Joe Stalin.  Now, ‘round Trump we see it grow.

There is no platform other than to kiss the Donald’s ring.

It almost seems they want to find a way to make him king.


The first thing they are claiming is, “Trump did not really lose.”

Except, of course, they know he did; it’s Trump’s Big Lie they choose.

A party, swimming in a lie, will fight to stay afloat;

The strategy that they’ll employ: restrict the right to vote.


These new laws will wind up in court; it’s clear at whom they’re aimed.

They don’t want blacks and browns to vote, in spite of what they’ve claimed.

There’s been no evidence of fraud, with an unpleasant cost,

The voting was secure and fair and Donald Trump just lost.


So, will the courts let Trumpists steal the power that they crave?

Will courts think that democracy is something they should save?

Appealing to more voters, not what Trumpists want to try.

No, they will just restrict the vote: their reason…Trump’s Big Lie.


Trump tried an insurrection, hoping it would overthrow

Joe Biden’s victory, but his mob failed, as we all know.

So Trumpists now will try to make sure Democrats can’t win.

If they succeed, will we survive the state they’ll leave us in?