May 28, Texas and Guns

May 28, Texas and Guns


It’s standard stuff in Texas; everybody gets a gun.

Restrictions, regulations?  Now in Texas there are none.

Behind most southern states in current firearm death rates,  (1)

Now Texas shoots to have the highest death rate in the States.


So, pump that oil and rope them steers; of course, restrict the vote.

But don’t restrict the ownership of guns, or right to tote.

It’s tough for right wing candidates when voting’s free and fair.

It’s better for right wingers with armed, white, poll-watchers there.


Abortions are illegal after six weeks in the womb.

The birth rate should go up and there will be a baby boom.

Will they grow up as targets with a bull’s eye on their back?

Statistics tell us “Yes,” especially when they’re male and black.


We’ve heard, “Don’t mess with Texas.”  I agree, let’s not go there.

You might get shot in Texas; with guns carried everywhere.

Do not go visit Texas; don’t go see the Alamo.

Remember all who died there; numbers do not need to grow.