May 28, Is Enough, Enough?

May 28, Is Enough, Enough?


“Enough is enough,” we have heard people say.

But, we’re at “too much,” will that now be enough?

Our gun death toll, more than a hundred each day;

And federal laws have been just so much fluff.


In Texas, they’re going to “harden the schools.”

They’re adding more guns; meanwhile, Satan exults.

Adding more to too many marks us as fools,

Or crazy to think we’ll get different results.


The Second Amendment is not Holy Writ;

But, “You shall not murder,” is Biblical verse.

Is there room in our brains where these both can fit?

If one’s emphasized, then which death rate is worse?


The Second Amendment starts with, “…regulate…”

But right wingers will not, their hearts hard as stone.

Or, are their brains rocks, so they can’t cogitate?

Denying clear data that they have been shown.


Do good guys with guns stop a bad guy with one?

That’s the claim that’s been made by our NRA.

Uvalde, Buffalo, bad guys with a gun

Ran up a big score before ending their day.


More people will die until folks like Ted Cruz,

McConnell, and Abbott are out on their ass.

When you vote in the Fall, make that you choose

Someone who is not such a classic jackass.