May 27, Republicans Won’t Regulate

May 27, Republicans Won’t Regulate


It’s true in different countries and it’s true in different states:

The tighter gun possession laws, the lower gun death rates.

So ask your politicians: do they value guns or lives?

When gun possession’s easier, the Grim Reaper arrives.


Republicans can’t see this, though the correlation’s plain.

Can’t see that they have helped to cause the latest school bloodstain.

The problems are too many guns and regulation’s lax,

On background checks and licensing and more: straightforward facts.


Republican’s fear losing votes and funds to run again.

To hold office to do nothing: why do they want to win?

Our kids don’t matter: blacks don’t matter; but the unborn do.

So women matter up until their pregnancy comes due.


Gun ownership and gun death rates: the data are quite clear.

We have too many goddamn guns; death totals mount each year.

We need to regulate; the Constitution says we can.

So, how about a semi-automatic weapons ban?


And how about requiring universal background checks?

Keep guns out of the hands of those not playing with full decks.

And licensing, just like for cars, require a training course.

Our guns are made for killing; should we regulate?  Of course!


Republicans won’t regulate; they won’t do anything,

And, on domestic terrorism, they’ll just let terror reign.

Controlling guns is not okay; controlling women’s fine.

Republicans, we ask: where are your brains and balls and spine?


The Constitution is not Scripture, not pronounced by God,

So don’t interpret it to say that gun control’s outlawed.

Republicans act like it is; all they do is obstruct.

Meanwhile, the world just sits and watches as we self-destruct.