May 25, Bigger and Better in Texas

May 25, Bigger and Better in Texas


A man can’t understand we have too many guns

When the NRA pays him to say we do not.  (1)

When the NRA’s a major source of his funds,

Then he can’t grieve too much when some school kids get shot.


Only half of our citizens have guns at home,

Now the gun industry wants to arm all the rest,

From the cities to where buffalo used to roam,

‘Til we shot them to drive native tribes from the west.


Today we have learned twenty one victims are dead:

A grade school in Texas, nineteen kids, two adults.

A young man, as usual, with scrambled head,

And two guns he bought legally….with these results.


Are there too many guns or is it mental health?

In Texas, the governor claims nuts are to blame.

Meanwhile, the gun industry increases its wealth,

Through lax gun laws in Texas, a most deadly game.


So, the governor says we must “harden” the schools,

And perhaps arm the teachers so they can shoot back.

Is the cure for mass murder increasing gun duels?

Will that bring gun safety?  Is that on the right track?


In the room stands an elephant: too many guns;

For nuts are less dangerous if they stay unarmed.

Easy access to guns kills our daughters and sons,

So they can’t attend school and return home unharmed.


Was the Second Amendment commanded by God?

Like, “You shall not murder,” which is something God said. (2)

When these come in conflict, does it strike you as odd—

To feel bound by the one that leaves more of us dead?


  • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair
  • “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20: 13.  This is commonly listed as the Sixth of the Ten Commandments that God traditionally dictated to Moses.  And, “murder” is the correct translation, not, “kill.”  Hebrew distinguishes between “kill” and “murder,” just as English does.