May 23, Replacement Theory

May 23, Replacement Theory


Ask Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull

About Replacement Theory.

We white men took their land by force,

To “Manifest our Destiny.” (1)


And how was this theft justified?

The native folks were “savages.”

And, no white man was ever tried

For our most heinous ravages.


America was tribal land,

From Mohawk, out to Navajo.

Tribe after tribe made its last stand:

Chief Joseph, Gall, Geronimo.


Our armies took it all away.

This land that once had been their home.

And we control it all today,

From Florida clear up to Nome.


To Argentina, Yukon streams

We came for silver and for gold.

Wherever the bright metal gleams,

Then blood is shed and souls are sold.


Although our history’s not in doubt,

More cross our Rio Grande moat.

Asylum seekers must stay out

For fear that they might someday vote.  (2)


Replacement, not just theory.

The chest of greed is never full.

A sad part of our history:

Ask Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.


  • Manifest Destiny was a 19th century concept that the USA was destined by God to occupy all of the land from sea to sea. The Native Americans were in the way, a capital offense.
  • Tucker Carlson of Fox and many Republicans charge that Democrats intend to bring in as many immigrants as possible to control future elections and take power away from those rightfully in charge.