May 22, White, Christian Male Concerns

May 22, White, Christian Male Concerns


Misogyny lurks and racism lurks,

Are they found in our eggs, as well as our sperm?

To white, Christian men, abortion’s a sin;

So all embryos must be carried to term.


And rape and incest?  Both left unaddressed.

You’re obliged to give birth if you’re fertilized.

Old white men turn sour as they lose their power,

And then legislate with their pique galvanized.


Suppress the black vote for fear they’ll demote

Old white men from where they all currently perch.

There’s no mystery; it’s just bigotry;

So, where are the preachers and where is the church?


Care for the conceived?  Hear white men aggrieved,

That some women don’t want to carry to term.

As babies appear, watch care disappear;

To treat holy life, as if it’s now a germ.


Democracy means that some old routines,

With the passage of time, may be swept away.

As concepts evolve, some old views dissolve;

New attitudes mean that more folks have a say.


Republicans fear that every new year

Will lead to expanding our Democracy,

Diluting white power, the dark storm clouds lower;

So they are embracing Trump’s autocracy.


“Replacement” portends the left wing intends

To sneak migrants in to destroy white control.

No epiphany, it’s just calumny.

To stir up Trump’s bigot base is Tucker’s goal.


So, let us review: black, female, or Jew,

You all pose a threat to our Christian right wing.

So, you have been warned, seen treason suborned,

To hold power, our right wing will try anything.