May 19, When Does Life Begin?

May 19, When Does Life Begin?


Biologists think life began

More than three billion years ago.

Then variation spread to man:

Mutation and selection, slow.


One ur-ancestor of us all,

(A tree’s your cousin, by the way.)

And some think that ET might call,

Another start, far, far away?


Some folks believe that life begins

When sperm meets egg, a narrow view.

Then threaten hosts of crimes and sins

You must act like their view is true.


Life is one huge, connected tree,

One family, all relatives.

When we review our ancestry,

We must revise old narratives.


Did God tell us to multiply

And dominate the biosphere?

We’ve filled the Earth; now hear her cry:

We threaten everything that’s here.


If it’s mankind’s activity

That’s cooking Earth through climate change,

And it’s too much fertility,

To block abortion’s rather strange.


For, contraception’s what we need,

Before and after intercourse.

Red States imagine holy seed.

And even if rape is the source.


Red States like Texas demand birth,

And take away a woman’s choice.

Meanwhile, they’re raping Mother Earth.

We must oppose them with one voice.