May 18, The Forest Fire

May 18, The Forest Fire


Since Donald got the crowds and Tucker set the tone,

The White Supremacists have marched off, on their own.

They need no meeting rooms; they use the internet

And nightly shows on Fox, which means that they’re all set.


It’s like a forest fire: a spark and then the wind.

The fire goes everywhere; who knows how it will end?

Replacement Theory: the spark to start the fire,

Then White Evangelicals fuel our funeral pyre.


Democracy’s on trial; it’s treated as a crime.

It’s been on trial before; will it survive this time?

Democracy’s a threat to forces of the dark.

They’ll burn it at the stake, just like Saint Joan of Arc.


One problem seems to be that no one is in charge.

Trump insurrectionists, white terrorists at large.

Did Trump ignite a spark which he cannot control?

Does racist cancer lurk deep in our nation’s soul?


Republicans embrace the Donald Trump “Big Lie.”

In all their elections, their candidates comply.

Could White Supremacists start to self-immolate?

Can cool heads quench the fire or is it now too late?


And, if it is too late, who will get barbecued?

The fire may cook us all;  no one will get rescued.

Will White Supremacy, Replacement Theory,

And GOP become just ash in history?