May 17, Believers

May 17, Believers


A lot of gods born of a virgin, (1)

A lot who die and resurrect.

From them, the Jesus tale emergin’

The last to whom we genuflect.


Today, immaculate conception

Occurs in birds and makes females. (2)

Without a rooster’s sperm injection,

There is no “Y” for making males.


The Jesus tale’s a contradiction,

For he was male, the stories say.

A miracle, perhaps, or fiction,

A test of faith: apostates stray.


White evangelical believers

The solid core of Donald’s base.

They follow cynical deceivers;

Their TV preachers make my case.


Does virgin birth, death, resurrection,

Mean they’ll believe most anything:

That Donald Trump won the election,

Whatever bullshit Q might sling?


Our situation’s not surprising;

The Trump base is a fertile field,

From decades of evangelizing,

Their new Messiah’s been revealed.


  • 1.  For virgin births: Ra, Horus, Attis,

And if you search, you’ll find lots more.

For resurrection, there’s Osiris

And many more sang an encore.


  • 2.  Seen in the condor, chicken, turkey,

And other vertebrates like sharks.

Exactly how, still rather murky.

No patriarchs, just matriarchs.