May 15, We Did It Again

May 15, We Did It Again


Well, we have done it again, haven’t we?

One more mass shooting: this time, Buffalo.

America’s disease, mass shooting spree,

With ten more dead, three wounded, numbers grow.


Another illness in the USA,

An epidemic since 1619,

Infects our populace, even today.

Racism in our genes?  And no vaccine.


The formal Great Replacement Theory:

By blacks and browns.(and women, Asians, Jews.)

Is dominant right wing doxology,

Which Tucker broadcasts nightly on Fox News.


Young, angry white man shoots ten black folks dead.

Racism, guns are once more synergized.

Replacement theory hijacked his head,

On Tucker’s show, it’s broadcast disguised.


Some cry, “Free speech!” Such freedom lets them lie.

And freedom to own guns, which lets them kill.

Together, they’re the Trumpist battle cry

And neither takes much knowledge or much skill.


So, it goes on; this time ten more have died.

More deaths caused by our nation’s founding sin.

One sin?  No two, and we’ve not really tried

To rid ourselves of them; we must begin.


Republicans won’t help, so vote them out.

They’re comfortable with this brutality:

Racism, lots of guns, let no one doubt

While they remain, expect fatality.