May 12, The Physiology of Ethics

God gives every man a penis and a brain
But just enough blood to run one at a time. (1)
Erecting the penis acts as a brain drain.
Does that explain why Trump mired himself in slime?

That Donald screwed Stormy is not much in doubt,
Plus, Karen McDougal for almost a year.
Unfaithful to all wives, Trump’s not a boy scout.
It’s only himself that the Donald holds dear.

And now Trump’s in court for a hush money plot,
Creating false records so no one would know,
Of Donald Trump’s ongoing ethical rot,
Because of where Trump’s circulation would flow.

Denying, denying is all Trump can do.
His lawyers are flummoxed by orders he gives.
As well as the fact that he’s driven to screw
Each “10” that he meets; that is just how he lives.

Trump’s in an election he knows he must win.
He’s told all of us every thought in his head.
He’ll cancel the federal cases he’s in,
And then will send Jack Smith to prison instead. (2)

Give Trump a transfusion; might that clear his brain?
Erythropoietin might make more red cells. (3)
Can ethics be taught, introduced through a vein?
That’s likely in vain from what history tells.

Trump’s ethics seem fixed; he can’t tell right from wrong.
It’s too late for therapy; he won’t respond.
His dick dominates, his affliction’s lifelong.
He might seem OK…until he sees a blonde.

(1) I first learned this concept from the comedian, Robin Williams.
(2) Jack Smith is the federal prosecutor of the January 6 insurrection and the stolen classified documents cases, which Trump has successfully delayed.
(3) Erythropoietin is a hormone made by the kidney that stimulates the bone marrow to make more red blood cells.