May 11, Trump’s Trial

We’ve just heard Stormy Daniels tell of Trump’s seductive style.
He sits there in his underwear, thus hoping to beguile.
He does not seek love or respect; just hopes he can get laid.
And Stormy Daniels said he earned a barely passing grade.

Trump claims that this was all untrue but paid a hundred grand
To keep this story from the press, thus tarnishing his brand,
For he was in a campaign to become the president
And feared some voters’ disapproval of this incident.

Mike Cohen paid off Stormy and then Trump paid Cohen back
And covered up this one-night stand of rolling in the sack.
It worked back in ‘16, when Donald Trump won by a nose.
But now we have the image of Trump in bed with no clothes.

So, how about his calculation some might disapprove
Of Donald’s misbehavior, which this current case may prove?
As Donald’s ass bobs up and down, do Christian voters retch?
Is that what courtroom artists think that they might also sketch?

Trump tells the rich he will enrich them further than they are,
So, they don’t give a damn if Donald Trump screwed a porn star.
And MAGAts still support him; they believe that he’ll attack
The folks who do not look like them, and send the migrants back.

So, do Trump voters care about the extra ladies screwed?
Or if his style with ladies is just mostly rude and crude?
We know, back in ‘16, Trump paid to cover up this tryst.
In 2024, will voters scratch him off their list?

Trump claims this never happened but we know that Donald’s life
Has been polluted with unfaithfulness to every wife.
And he told Stormy she was like Ivanka was to him.
Will Donald’s MAGAts find that line acceptable to them?

Like the Greek hero, Testacles, (the father of mankind,)(1)
The Donald likes sex better than to just be wined and dined.
If Trump asks you to dinner, be prepared for sex instead,
As Stormy learned the hard way, lying under Trump in bed.

1-Testacles (pronounced: Test a clees) is a recently imagined Greek god who has heretofore remained uncelebrated.