March 9, Neo Nazis vs Drag Queens (parody to ‘Deutschland Über Alles)

March 9, Neo Nazis vs Drag Queens  (1)


Neo Nazis march with bright torchlights,

Where drag queens may not appear.

Nazis spread hate for Jews and non-whites;

Drag queens might make children queer.

Nazi bigotry saves male dignity;

Hate’s OK; cross-dressing’s not.

Nazis are OK, driving yids away,

Drag queens may groom kids into foul, moral rot.


Neo Nazis and Confederates

Joined the insurrection crowd.

Proud Boys and the Trump inveterates (2)

Shouted, “Hang Mike Pence!” out loud.

Drag queen story hour, fear that grooming power!

Moral turpitude in schools.

Drag queens read a book while first graders look.

Good Christian parents should make all reading rules.


Ron DeSantis is a candidate

To be Führer of the land.

As our teacher, he’ll invalidate

Liberal courses on demand.

Say, “No way, Jose,” but do not say, “Gay.”

It is time for “woke to die.”

Don’t teach CRT or black history, (3)

For, teaching truth might make our white students cry.


  • Sing to Deutchland Über Alles. (Germany Over All) This was adopted as the national song of Germany in 1922 during the Weimar Republic. Music by Joseph Hayden, 1797, for his song “Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser.” (God Save Francis, the Emperor)  In 1841, August Heinrich Hoffman von Fallersleben wrote new words, “Das Lied der Deutchen,” (The Song of Germany.)  There were three verses.  Only one is sung today.
  • I know “inveterate” is an adjective. I used “inveterates” as a noun.  Besides it rhymes.  As Trump would say, “Give me a break.”
  • CRT, Critical Race Theory, a graduate level course about the fact that racism has been and remains a problem in American society.