March 10, Tucker Carlson, WTF?

March 10, Tucker Carlson, WTF?


Just what is wrong with Tucker Carlson, devious of mind?

McCarthy gave him insurrection videos to find

Some snippets he knew could be used misrepresenting facts.

And Tucker’s edits, sure enough, distorted the attacks.


He’s gone right back to lying to maintain his audience.

He’s weaving an illusion that ignores the evidence.

But keeping up such lying bolsters the Dominion case

That Fox lies knowingly to kiss the ass of Donald’s base.


Let’s say you’re sitting in a bar and having drinks with friends.

The evening is quite jovial but suddenly that ends.

A fight breaks out across the room and some poor bloke gets shot.

So, is this evening peaceful?  No!  When folks get shot, it’s not.


Now Tucker Carlson knows full well, 1-6 was turbulent,

So why does he now choose to say it wasn’t violent?

Does he think Donald’s base won’t watch him if he won’t tell lies?

Is that the sole criterion Fox usually applies?


Dominion’s drinking champagne toasts as Tucker proves their case.

Fox News’s chronic lying makes the case clear on its face.

They’re pouring salt in their own wounds.  Why are they doing that?

Is this a crime that worship of their money god begat?


Now, let’s return to Tucker and the 1-6 video,

McCarthy and his lack of character, that we all know:

For money and for power, they kiss ass that they despise.

So money and a title are straw houses built on lies.  (1)


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