March 8, Margie Greene (parody to ‘Aura Lea’)

March 8, Margie Greene  (1)


We’ve just heard that Margie Greene

Has filed for divorce.

Were it just her, neat and clean,

We’d agree, of course.

Margie Greene, Margie Greene,

Loud of mouth and crass,

Gives democracy gangrene:

Huge pain in the ass.


Put some lipstick on a hog,

It remains a swine.

Nor will lipstick change a dog,

It remains canine.

Margie Greene, Margie Greene,

Maid with bleached blond hair,

Margie is blonde joke cuisine;

Ridicule is fair.


Margie has a CPU  (2)

That is dim and slow.

It takes folks with low IQ,

To applaud her show.

Margie Greene, Margie Greene,

Crazier each day.

A divorce from Margie Greene—-

Earnestly, we pray.


  • Sing to “Aura Lea,” 1861, by Fosdick (lyrics) and Poulton (music.) It was a popular campfire song in both the Union and Confederate armies.  New lyrics were written and the melody was used in “Love Me Tender,” the Elvis Presley hit.
  • CPU, Central Processing Unit, brain.