March 6, Divorce

March 6, Divorce


Now Margie Greene wants to divorce the red states from the blue.

The blues support the reds right now; is alimony due?

Does Margie think that she’s prepared a safe home for the red,

Where old, white, Christians are in charge?  That’s what Ms. Margie said.


DeSantis, Chief Inquisitor and Trump will be the Pope,

Matt Schlapp the ethics minister, deciding whom to grope.

Matt Gaetz will be youth minister and handle women’s sports.

Jim Jordan will run DOJ, in charge of all the courts.


There will be visitation rights by air and land and boat.

But blues who move to reds, will find they’re not allowed to vote.

Indoctrination for five years may earn them voting rights

But there’s been no decision if this just applies to whites.


And Margie’s state of Georgia is a pesky problem, though.

It isn’t red or blue but purple; which way would they go?

The Democrats would vote for blue, Republicans for red.

And Arizona is another with a fight ahead.


As usual, MTG’s proposal isn’t well thought out.

The red states who are subsidized will have to go without.

Without that blue state money, red states will all sing the blues.

And universities may lose professors, mostly Jews.


The Dunning Kruger thesis may explain what Margie wants.  (1)

She’s simply unaware of the stupidity she flaunts.

And those supporting her have intellects much lower still.

So they can’t realize she’s selling them a poison pill.


More examples: there’s abortion: red states all want a ban,

Without exceptions, mostly.  It is clear now that’s their plan.

May women go from red to blue if they should need such care?

Will there be border guards to ask, “Why are you driving there?”


So maybe red and blue states are not ready for divorce,

Though losing Margie Greene would be a benefit, of course.

And Gaetz and Gosar, Biggs and Boebert, if they moved to red.

And QAnon and Trumpists, those to whom we’re sadly wed.


  • The Dunning Kruger effect: it’s similar to the Peter Principle. Look them up.