March 4, Fooled by Fox

March 4, Fooled by Fox


It’s easier to fool someone than show them they’ve been fooled.

When you’re programmed that lies are truth, then you can’t be re-schooled.

If Fox depends on fooling folks to keep its viewership,

They need to keep them ignorant or viewership will slip.


So Fox continued Trump’s Big Lie, though knowing it was wrong.

So far, they have maintained their base, by singing Donald’s song.

Fox knows that they are telling lies; their broadcasters are smart,

But when the facts don’t matter, might our nation come apart?


Fox News has learned their TV viewers are not hard to fool,

As Donald Trump showed all along; now he keeps adding fuel.

The coals of ignorance glow red; is revolution nigh?

Will our Democracy be burned to ash by Trump’s Big Lie?


You’ve heard of Margie Taylor Greene, her plans for our divorce,

Dividing us ‘twixt red and blue so Red State folks could force

The liberals and thinking folks to yield to their control?

Our actions, writings, and beliefs: all these are Margie’s goal.


Those seeking facts and those who don’t are mixed up everywhere,

They’re not so easy to divide in any way that’s fair.

How can we learn to live in peace, the reds mixed in with blues,

With urban blue and rural red: which would a whole state choose?


If you look at the numbers, blue states subsidize the red.

If we divorce, who’ll pay to keep red staters clothed and fed?

Their ignorance appalls; DeSantis wants to make it worse.

The reds would be much better off accepting the diverse.


One thing’s for sure, Fox News won’t help, by sticking to Trump’s Lie,

To keep their viewership intact, and truth in short supply.

Will Fox News try to educate, give viewers all the facts?

It doesn’t seem too likely when lies bring in more greenbacks.