February 25, The War in Ukraine

February 25, The War in Ukraine


The war in Ukraine has now lasted a year;

But Crimea first felt the point of the spear,

So counting Crimea, the war’s nine years long,

Ukrainians proving surprisingly strong.


In spite of the blood he is willing to spill,

Vlad Putin misjudged the Ukrainian will.

His own Russian soldiers are dying like flies,

And wanton destruction is his only prize.


The Russian atrocities seen every day,

Cry out for the day when Vlad Putin must pay

For towns bombed to rubble, the rubble to dust,

Civilian mass murders to feed Putin’s lust.


We must be prepared for the war to go on;

In Kyiv, air raid sirens still welcome each dawn.

The US and NATO are still sending guns,

It’s Ukraine that’s spending its daughters and sons.


Did Putin conclude, after dealing with Trump,

That we and the EU are fit for the dump?

That Donald, dishonest yet eager to please,

Meant Russia could make us roll over with ease?


Do we have Ukrainian’s strength and resolve?

There are indications our will may dissolve,

For our “Putinistas,” the Trumpist right wing,

Are sounding pro-Russian, like Donald, their king.


So they are objecting to sending more aid.

Could that be a deal that McCarthy has made?

We’ll let Russia win if we do not send arms,

Their bombs opposed only by air raid alarms.


It’s clearly aggression that Vlad Putin chose;

So Putin himself could bring it to a close.

If Russia stops fighting, then this war will end.

If Ukraine stops fighting, then Ukraine will end.