February 23, Secession Redux

February 23, Secession Redux


We’ve heard Margie Greene has proposed a divorce

Of Red States from Blue States; that’s not new, of course.

Remember secession, eighteen sixty one?

The South’s insurrection was put down by force.


Poor Marjorie must think secession is fun,

Forgetting the cost, the last time it was done:

The war over slavery, mass death and pain,

Just what kind of mind advocates a rerun?


Our pro-Russians don’t want to help in Ukraine;

Gaetz, Gosar, Greene, Boebert, Biggs all sound insane.

What’s wrong with the people who voted for them?

Do they want Democracy flushed down the drain?


Is Marjorie Greene mostly a mental klutz?

Although the wrong gender, is Margie a putz?

She represents voters who think she’s okay,

Who trust the effluent from her lower gut.


Of all of the things that we’ve heard Margie say,

Like Jewish space lasers and slurs (anti-gay,)

To split us once more into the Red and Blue,

Suggests half her wits have now wandered away.


About Trumpist militants, what can we do?

Should they make you fearful if black, gay, or Jew?

Would our lives be better if they did secede?

Perhaps that’s the question on which we should chew.